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The Riviera: A Brief History

Built in 1826 by Lord Courtenay, this fine neo-classic building was designed by William Patey as the town's reading and assembly Rooms. Within four years a Gentlemen's Club had taken up residence and then in 1890 purchased the building.

Prior to the Great War the building was converted into a hotel and restaurant and then in 1912 was leased out as a cinema which became known as The Riviera Cinema. This was an important year in the evolution of the cinema: Universal Pictures became the first major Hollywood Studio, the first Keystone Kop film was released, Paramount Pictures was formed and famous names such as Fatty Arbuckle, Charlie Chaplin Cecil B. De Mille and Sarah Bernhardt emerged onto the scene.

Over the next 60 years the Riviera Cinema went through extensive changes, keeping up with the trends of the day but by the late 1960's it was struggling to survive. More changes and renovations kept it on its feet for another 30 years, but on the 26th March 2000 the last reel of the last film played out. It was The End of the Affair: a fitting title for such a sad occasion.

After a few years of abandonment, this splendid building has now been rescued and beautifully restored and will provide a vibrant new asset for Teignmouth.

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